See, He Comes, The King of Glory

Music by Dan Stelljes

This text is a retelling and application of Matthew 25:31-46, known as "the parable of the sheep and the goats."

I wanted to write a hymn that encouraged believers to anticipate the Last Day with excitement and awe, never fear or dread. I also wanted to remind believers that the works we do for our neighbors are truly done in gratitude to our Savior—not because they will save us (which they won't), but because we are saved.

The text was written for Dr. Steven Paulson, professor of systematic theology at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota. His student body sang it at a morning chapel service for Christ the King Sunday (End Times season) in 2014.

I paired the hymn with HOLY MANNA, but it is definitely seeking a new, original tune—something triumphant, something that truly leads singers to look up and imagine our King coming to us with angels blazing 'round his throne.

The King Will Come at Age's End

Music by Joyce Schubkegel

This text paraphrases the beautiful words of John’s vision of the Last Day, as recorded in Revelation 21, especially verses 1-6 and 20-21.

It is published in Christian Worship: Supplement (Northwestern Publishing House 2008), where it is paired with Professor Emeritus Joyce Schubkegel's lovely tune AGE'S END. It can also be found at

If you don't have access to either of those resources, you may purchase it on this site.

Each Life Is Yours

Music by Sarah Lambrecht

This sanctity of life text reminds us that each human life is precious because each is created by the Father, redeemed by the Son, and sanctified by the Spirit. God loves and values each human life - on earth and for all eternity.

It's been sung in slightly different formats at a few Lutherans for Life and pregnancy counseling center events as well as a Western Wisconsin District Convention that focused on sanctity of life issues. Most recently, it was sung at a celebratory service of the North Region Pregnancy Care Center in Roseau, Minnesota, in 2014.