The late Jaroslav Vadja said, “My hymns are what they are: poetic expressions of thanks to God. They are my grateful reaction—my praise and wonder and exclamation—to the love and glory of God.”

Here at “Verses for the King” you will find my hymns, original texts with new music from talented composers. I invite you to enter, read, meditate, sing aloud. I hope you and your congregation might find these hymns useful for worship and praise. May all our hearts be stirred by a noble theme—the good news of forgiveness and life through our King, Jesus Christ.
— Laurie Gauger


A new text currently awaiting a paired accompaniment.

Recently sung at Mount Olive Lutheran Church, St. Paul MN in July 2018 to Christian Worship 368 (O Savior, Precious Savior / Tune: ANGEL'S STORY by Arthur H Mann). 


The morning breaks in mercy.
We look, O Lord, to you.
Your kindness never changes, 
and yet it's ever new. 
Though yesterday was heavy
with heartache and with pain,
we wake to happy chances
you've planned for us today.

We wait in joy and stillness,
and put our hope in you.
Be present in our praying
and in our waiting too. 
Accept our grateful praises
for graces great and small. 
Our steps are light this morning
because you're Lord of all. 

© Laurie F. Gauger 2018
(Lamentations 3)