The late Jaroslav Vadja said, “My hymns are what they are: poetic expressions of thanks to God. They are my grateful reaction—my praise and wonder and exclamation—to the love and glory of God.”

Here at “Verses for the King” you will find my hymns, original texts with new music from talented composers. I invite you to enter, read, meditate, sing aloud. I hope you and your congregation might find these hymns useful for worship and praise. May all our hearts be stirred by a noble theme—the good news of forgiveness and life through our King, Jesus Christ.
— Laurie Gauger



Quiet Me, My Lord

is slated for publication by Northwestern Publishing House.
Thanks to Dale Witte for his lovely music!

Quiet Me.jpg

Quiet me, my Lord, when there’s a storm astir.
Speak a soothing word when worry dreams the worst.

Steer my steps this day into a place of light.
Darkness cloaks the way ‘til you cast out the night.

Pour a cup of hope to slake my nervous thirst.
Fear will fill me up unless you fill me first.

Keep me close and safe, and walk me through all doors.
When I feel afraid, remind me I am yours.


Though Once Again the Pathway Bends

Pathway Bends.JPG

Though once again the pathway bends,
and life its pressing sorrow sends, 
I know that when the story ends,
My Jesus will be there.

Though cracked and shattered are my dreams,
and cold is blowing through the seams, 
I know tomorrow’s fresh and green.
My Jesus will be there.

Though sense will fade and body break,
and God who gives will also take, 
I know that when from death I wake, 
My Jesus will be there.




The winds may blow and batter me and dry up every stream.
The day’s a barren wilderness: no point, no plan, no dream. 
But Jesus is forever. He speaks a holy plan for me. 
Be still, my soul. Surrender to Jesus, who is all you need.

The people I depend upon may disappoint one day.
We sometimes wound each other here—that’s just the human way.
But Jesus is forever, unchanging as the ancient sea.
Be still, my soul. Surrender to Jesus, who is all you need.

The journey feels too difficult, the finish too far off.
I’m giving all I have to give, and still it’s not enough. 
But Jesus is forever. His might and mercy carry me.
Be still, my soul. Surrender to Jesus, who is all you need.